Is Skin That Deep?

3 thoughts on “Is Skin That Deep?”

  1. Michael, love the way you write and the understanding you brought to this issue. We have a lot of Adventists in DR and they should take a moral stand against what is happening. Can’t wait to meet Noa.


  2. I like how you keep calling the church to task on taking a position. I never thought of the fact that we often have some presence in areas of oppression, and I wonder what we do or have done about it. We should look into contacting the union or conference presidents involved.

    What I keep coming back to is that race or skin color was at one time a meaningful indicator of cultural or ethnic differences. Fear of the unknown makes sense, and the threat of others is natural. But after so many years of immigration and assimilation, delineation along racial lines has probably largely lost that meaning. While cultural norms may have been maintained, it it difficult to believe that they have remained unchanged. Cultural hybridity is almost inevitable with contact. Race becomes an empty, arbitrary shell. It denies shared history and mutual learning and nullifies any real interracial relationships, all of which may or may not have been officially endorsed. That’s what I hope to get into in my next post. Thanks for helping me think it through with an example outside of the US.

    It was nice to hear your story again. Good work, my friend.


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