2 thoughts on “#CLIMATEchange”

  1. Interesting thoughts. I appreciated the depth of your expression. I truly believe that the key to our change is to be come more outwardly focused. As we serve others we will heal ourselves. At a time when the word “Christian” has become a dirty word and a polarizing figure in the public square, with states passing legislation that allows legal discrimination in the “name” of Christ promoted by Christians, Christ needs a public example of true unconditional Christian love demonstrated to the world by those who claim to be the Remnant of the original Acts 2 church. Christians must remember that the only weapon Christ has given us to win the world is love. It is the greatest power in the world, but do we really believe it? Jesus proved its power on the cross, but we like Peter deny Him when we witness the price that true love requires us to pay. Instead of winning the LGBT community through the power of love, we alienate them from legislation that reveals our distain and disgust. Instead of loving unwed pregnant mothers and supporting single parents to we bomb abortion clinics and assassinate obstetricians who perform abortions to discourage abortions. We claim Christ name without His love. In early 1963 Dr. Martin L. King Jr. completed the draft for a book that would be titled, “Strength to Love.” It was the first book of its kind, a compilation of his sermons edited for the public. The final sermons in the collection were written by him while he sat in a jail cell for 15 days during the Albany campaign that he described as “dirty, filthy and ill-equipped.” It was the worst he had ever seen. But like the Apostle Paul he would pen the draft of three powerful sermons in the collection, ‘‘Loving Your Enemies,’’ ‘‘Love in Action,’’ and ‘‘Shattered Dreams.’’ King knew something that Christians today still have not learned, the power of love, God’s love, Christ’s love, Agape love, love that is irresistible. Love that builds bridges and breaks down barriers. The question is, “Do Christians BELIEVE IT…Do we have the STRENGTH TO LOVE.

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  2. Regarding our message, I think the climate of the church is characterized by debate and confusion. There is an almost overwhelming proliferation of theologies and debates about one and every topic under the sun. So much so that Chris seems alien to us. Because of this there is a crippling lack of unity in the church that we so desperately need if we are to behold the triumphs of the Cross in our generation.
    I think ultimately the message we are called to carry and embody, is a revelation of His character of love. We must ask ourselves now, Do we know God? Do we know His Character? We need to come in close contact and companionship with Christ.
    We have heard the theory of truth but maybe it’s time we unlearn and learn again allowing the Holy Spirit to settle the truth home in our hearts that it may have a sanctifying and saving influence.
    Yes, we need to lament – lament for our brokenness. And we need to fall on the Rock and be broken again. Our selfishness, pride, loveless lives, callous indifference to the tide of human suffering and woe – all that broken at the foot of the Cross. And in turn assimilate the beauty of the graces of Christ -the perfect love, perfect peace, perfect assurance found in Him who, “so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son.”

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