#iNGREDiENTS Episode 006 – Samuel Reyes (Part 2 of 2)

“Being busy doesn’t mean you are being effective. The calendar can be packed, but that doesn’t mean that we’re actually creating a change in our environments.” -Samuel Reyes Hello everyone!  Welcome back to the #iNGREDiENTS podcast! In Episode 006, I finish up my discussion with my dear friend Pastor Samuel Reyes. I am so grateful that Sammy trusted me … Continue reading #iNGREDiENTS Episode 006 – Samuel Reyes (Part 2 of 2)

Episode 003 – Matthew Harris

Hello, everyone!  Welcome back to the #iNGREDiENTS podcast!  In Episode 003, I talk with my long-time friend and self-made “Freedom-preneur” Matthew Harris. Matthew is an electrifying speaker, life enthusiast, and award-winning marketer who is passionate about helping others discover their true potential; unlock their purpose, and live a life that few dare to dream is even possible. His … Continue reading Episode 003 – Matthew Harris